Redress Requests Final day Race 3 Red

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Redress Requests Final day Race 3 Red

Post by zee-pol »

Submission Type: RDG

1. Your registered boat name: Siwy-pol

2. Group: Red

3. Race (number): 1

4. Time of incident (in replay): 16,24

5. Rule(s) applicable: 17.1

6. Boat(s) involved: Fran:Loyal

7. Description: I was sailing at full course, Fran swimming slightly ahead to the right. On the left, a shuraz was sailing slightly behind, and I had no room to turn from right to left tack. I got 17.1 wrongly and asked for the penalty to be canceled. Fran didn't cancel the penalty so in a moment I got another penalty after exceeding the time limit, so I am asking for Refress requests

8. Print Screen attached (required for a manual protest):

9. Replay attached (recommended):
Taxi Driver 2(03'02''00).Replay.Gbx
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Re: Redress Requests Final day Race 3 Red

Post by euphoria »

Siwy sailed a proper course when VSK assigned a penalty under rule 17.1. Siwy requested cancellation, but Fran did not approve. Siwy was in 11th place (excluding Fran) when the time limit for cancellation had run out.

Siwy did not break any rules.
Fran broke MLS Rule 3.2.2 for not approving the cancellation request.

Siwy is given 11 points as redress.
Fran to be disqualified in the race.

The protest committee
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