MLS8 Day4 Race2, Blue server Cancel explanation

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MLS8 Day4 Race2, Blue server Cancel explanation

Post by Bluesweden »

Submission Type: Cancel

1. Your registered Boat Name: BlueSweden

2. Race Day:4

3. Group: Blue

4. Race : 2

5. Time (in Replay): 25:50

6. Rule(s) applicable: 18.2

7. Skipper(s) involved: Exalibur X-79

8. Description: We begin to rounding last mark before finish line and Exalibur X-79 broaching and get me 18.2 while he has enough room to round the mark.
Should be 16. to him as he doesn't give me time to keep clear
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Re: MLS8 Day4 Race2, Blue server Cancel explanation

Post by Spirillen »

BlueSweden was outside overlap, and should give Excalibur mark-room. Bluesweden does so, but right at the mark Excalibur broaches.
PC finds that Bluesweden gave mark-room to Excalibur, but receives a pen RRS 18.2b because of the broach. Further more, looking at replay of Bluesweden, there doesn't seems to be contact, and therefore neither boat breaks any rules.

Bluesweden pen cancel accepted, no further action.
Excalibur no action.

PC for MLS

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