Race 1, 10 rules.

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Race 1, 10 rules.

Post by GERONIMO »

Submission Type: C

1. Your registered boat name: Geronimo

2. Group: Blue

3. Race (number): 1

4. Time of incident (in replay): 17.50

5. Rule(s) applicable: 10

6. Boat(s) involved: Kokos, Geronimo

7. Description: I tried to avoid him as much as possible, I don’t think I interfered with him. There was also no contact.

8. Print Screen attached (required for a manual protest):

9. Replay attached (recommended):
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Re: Race 1, 10 rules.

Post by euphoria »

Geronimo on port luffs in front of Kokos on starboard who luffs at the same time.
Both boats then beared away slightly to avoid each other.

Kokos gave Geronimo room to keep clear under rule 16.1.
Geronimo kept clear under rule 10.

No rules broken

The protest committee
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