Blue race 3 Cancel Pen from Euphoria, Protest and request for redress

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Blue race 3 Cancel Pen from Euphoria, Protest and request for redress

Post by Johnpap71 »

Submission Type:

1. Your registered boat name: John Pap

2. Group: Blue

3. Race (number): 3

4. Time of incident (in replay): 25:20-25:57

5. Rule(s) applicable: 17,1-16,1-11

6. Boat(s) involved: Euphoria

7. Description: Ατ 25¨20 Euphoria, Geronimo and JohnPap arriving on upwind mark in 2nd lap.
Eyphoria and Geronimo on stb and overlapped with Euphoria inside boat and JohnPap on port also overlapped.
Euphoria takes more room than needed to cross the mark. Winslow clear behind boat have enough room to cross the mark inside of all of us
Euphoria tack to port as Geronimo does also. Euphoria keeps on luffing and does not keep proper course to 2nd mark and on my opinion breaks 17,1.
John Pap is keeping clear from Euphoria all the way to 2nd mark. Euphoria opens spinnaker for going to 2nd mark . John Pap does the same.
Euphoria luffs sharp and John Pap answers till Euphoria bears again. There is plenty of room to bear to 2nd mark but Euphoria luffs again sharp and John Pap has not enough time to answer and John Pap broach. After the broach makes contact with Euphoria and takes P18,2.
John Pap asks for cancel as I believe Euphoria broke 16,1 as the room for the mark was given and Euphoria accepts it
John Pap wrote on chat P for both cases
None of the boats did a penalty turn
At the moment of the broach John Pap was 9th place and asks also for redress according SI 3.5.1.e.

8. Print Screen attached (required for a manual protest): Y

9. Replay attached (recommended):Y
2022 - 07 Isle Of Wight Wind 198 F6(03'01''82).Replay.Gbx
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Re: Blue race 3 Cancel Pen from Euphoria, Protest and request for redress

Post by euphoria »

Attached my replay too, as we're both judged by our own replay's (SI 2.5).

First of all sorry to JohnPap for the incident.
I sailed initially higher to the mark in order to hoist spinnaker early.
It proved to be not the best idea, and the spinnaker was hoisted too early...
My "luff" is happening the moment the spinnaker fills, and is obviously a start of a broach.
I managed to avoid broaching by releasing the sails twice.

With regards to the rules, I think JohnPap would have broached anyway, because he had stronger winds than me (I was in his shadow). He also hoisted his spinnaker too early (before I bore away and initiated a broach). In the end it was JohnPap's broach that caused contact when his stern swinged into my boat. If I caused this (through my half broach) or JohnPap caused this (due to the wind strength and sharp angle from early hoist) is imo the question for the PC to evaluate.

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Re: Blue race 3 Cancel Pen from Euphoria, Protest and request for redress

Post by steviekouris »

Euphoria and JohnPap were sailing both on port tack on a reach.
Euphoria was overlapped to leeward of JohnPap at a lateral distance of 1/2 boat width.
Euphoria bore away slightly and JohnPap bore away too, keeping the distance between the boats same.
Euphoria, hoisted the spinnaker and luffed sharply and JohnPap also luffed. The boats came close but there was no contact.
Euphoria immediately bore away sharply.
2 seconds later, John Pap bore away onto Euphoria who was holding his course.
JohnPap started luffing sharply into a broach and contact occurred between his starboard side if the stern and Euphoria's port side of the hull.

John Pap to windward failed to keep clear of Euphoria to leeward and broke RRS 11

JohnPap DSQ and not entitled for redress.

The protest committee
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