MLS Season 14 - Grande Finale - Cancel Requests, Manual Protests & Redress Requests

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MLS Season 14 - Grande Finale - Cancel Requests, Manual Protests & Redress Requests

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MLS Season14 Grande Finale, Cancel Requests, Manual Protests and Redress Requests 2021-12-07
Cancel/Protest Boat asking/protesting Boat cancelling/protested Rule Comment

Race 1, Super Trouper 2
No issues in Race 1.

Race 2, Be My Baby 2
C Clande/Lupidimare Balder/NOR-Team 13 Cancel not accepted. Clande DSQ.
NEW. Carly Master redress request. Carly Master RDG 11p.
NEW. Euphoria redress request. Euphoria RDG 5p.

Race 3, Dionne 3
C Cocal/Lupidimare Black Pete/Inglorious Bastards 16.1 No explanation submitted. Cocal DSQ.
P Cocal/Lupidimare Black Pete/Inglorious Bastards Black Pete writes: 360 done.No protest submitted. Same case as above.

MLS Also Ran
Race 1, Super Trouper 2
C Galaxy/HDT Freja/Jedi 15 No explanation submitted.Galaxy DSQ.

Race 2, Be My Baby 2
C Regis BRA/TwA Oversteer/Loyal Sailing 18.2a No explanation submitted. Regis BRA DSQ.
C Oversteer/Loyal Sailing Damian/HDT 18.2a Cancel OK.
P Duffy/Jedi Pawel1975/POL-VSC Protest submitted too late. Same case as below.
C Duffy/Jedi Pawel1975/POL-VSC 18.2a Explanation submitted too late. Duffy DSQ.

Race 3, Dionne 3
P Duffy/Jedi Regis BRA/TwA Regis BRA DNE. Duffy RDG 11p.
P Duffy/Jedi Regis BRA/TwA Same case as above.
P von Reuffen/POL-VSC Thor/Italian Wolves Thor writes: 360 done. Protest too late=not valid. von Reuffen + 1p.
C Galaxy/HDT Duffy/Jedi 13 No explanation submitted.Galaxy DSQ.
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