MLS 11 - Day 2 - Group Red - Race 5 - Cancel Explanation

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MLS 11 - Day 2 - Group Red - Race 5 - Cancel Explanation

Post by euphoria »

Submission Type: E
1. Your registered Boat Name: euphoria
2. Day: 2
3. Group: Red
4. Race: 6
5. Time: 12:25
6. Rule applicable: 20
7. Boat(s) involved: Cr@zydoc and me
8. Description:

CD and me are sailing steady for 10 seconds towards a bunch of stb boats which are obstructions to us. I hail RTT, but CD does not respond (I can't tack before he responds). Instead he starts bearing away, and I have to bear away hard to avoid crashing with and stopping the stb boats.

After watching the replay, I realized that I also broke a rule in this situation. I therefore have no other option than to retire after finishing, which I informed the race committee about.

9. Print Screen attached: Yes, of RTT hail
10. Replay attached: No

2020-03-10 22_38_13-Greenshot.png
2020-03-10 22_38_13-Greenshot.png (2.81 MiB) Viewed 4257 times
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Re: MLS 11 - Day 2 - Group Red - Race 5 - Cancel Explanation

Post by PC Admin »

>Crazydoc and Euphoria are on port and over layline, they bear away in order to tack outside the zone.
>Crazydoc is windward of Euphoria.
>Crazydoc must enter in zone in order to avoid RRS 11 from Euphoria.
>Euphoria stays outside zone, and he asks RYY to Crazydoc because of STB boats.
>Crazydoc, being in the zone, doesn’t answer and he forces Euphoria duck behind STB boats (without any hailing).
>When both skippers bear away, there is a collision and Euphoria receives RRS 18, he asks to cancel it.
>Euphoria can’t ask RTT here because of RRS 20.1b (he isn’t sailing close hauled or above).
>Euphoria must duck and give enough room to duck to Crazydoc under RRS19.2b.
>Euphoria should be DSQ for breaking RRS 20.1b first, and then RRS 19.2b, but after race, Euphoria RET himself, so no further action against him.
>Crazydoc has no reaction to RTT call, so Crazydoc DSQ for breaking RRS 20.2.
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Re: MLS 11 - Day 2 - Group Red - Race 5 - Cancel Explanation

Post by pitcairn56 »

Although having acknowledged the facts, the cancellation of the penalty has still been made, is not justifiable, I am surprised not to see a DSQ (17 points) against Euphoria. Which should cause the same penalty in terms of points as crazydoc.A boat that should take a penalty and which does not necessarily affect the race of others even with the most honest thoughts after race. Maybe an involuntary error on your part. Best regards
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