Ideas for improving MLS

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Ideas for improving MLS

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Hi RC, PC and the rest :)

So a few ideas to consider over the long summer break and in hope we have a continuation of MLS for season 14 and thereon

1. Maps
Some of you know already (for a few years now) that I have suggested to use random maps for each MLS day. The way the format has always been (also previously in Blues League) to provide all maps way before race days so that everyone could train & examine them in great detail. This was always benefiting to an extend players (not excluding ones from my club) that had the opportunity to train as much as they could, while others that for whatever reason were not able to train as much to try to figure out the way to go and asking teammates etc. on any perks or secrets of the maps before racing.
I would suggest creating a pool of 50-60 maps (from creators such as ISAF, Goffe, Ed3V, etc.) keeping intros and all but changing their names, so that anyone looking at an open server would not be able t identify the map but the name itself. The randomness of the map selection (RC could have a draw 10' before races and announce map numbers to individual hosts) would provided perhaps a more even playing field to all competitors and perhaps bring in some more interest. This would also provide a more realistic perspective to the races where you have some basic wind & current info but have to figure out which way to go.

2. RC & PC
I would suggest a 5 members RC panel & 5 members PC panel. RC members should be able to try & identify ways to improve the event, and vote on any new suggestion brought to the committee by any of these members.

3. New boats
Since we will have the AC75 irl for the following 8 years (at least 2 AC cycles) we should examine ways to incorporate this in the event (initially as a trial, or as a side event every other Tuesday), perhaps in cooperation with KDTeam if the boat model needs to be refined, etc
You see having random map selection brings more free VSK time to other options.

if more :idea: then will post :lol:

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Re: Ideas for improving MLS

Post by euphoria »

Hi Alex,

Great to have proposals for making MLS better. I'm not part of the RC, but I hope you don't mind that I add my comments here too as a sailor, to have a discussion.

1. I agree that there is an advantage to know the course before racing. But isn't that a part of being a good VSK sailor? In my opinion, it doesn't take much training to learn the course. Most important is to take a look in the editor, which doesn't take many minutes, and in most cases is enough to figure out the basics.
- I'm not sure if making course selection random would solve that problem. Maybe it has the other effect, as the teams who are big and strong enough, can have a dedicated person to study the selected courses when they are announced, giving even a bigger relative advantage over the teams that are not able to take this approach.
- Having a big pool of courses also makes it less transparent, because there is a draw, and nobody knows if there actually was a draw or if it was a selection. And by having a pool of courses, there will be a few people in the RC who actually knows these courses and can study all of them in advance. Again giving participants the possibility to suspect the RC of not being fair.
- An alternative is to only use courses that would give similar win probabilities both on left and right side (typically no hard coded wind shifts and uniform current). Some other events use that approach, but different events should be different... I don't like such courses, they don't give enough dynamic in the races.

3. I agree that it would be a good idea to have AC75 in the next edition of MLS.


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