Season 9 , Race Day 2 , Group RED , Race 3 , E

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Season 9 , Race Day 2 , Group RED , Race 3 , E

Post by jimi »

Submission Type: E

1. Your registered Boat Name:

2. Race Day: 2

3. Group: red

4. Race : 3

5. Time (in Replay): 30:56

6. Rule(s) applicable: RRS 13

7. Skipper(s) involved: Freja // JEDI

8. Description: In the last upwind of the race , freja comes port on jimi ( stb ) and during his tack , Freja hits jimi's mast . Then jimi takes a 16.1 ( cancelled )

9. Print Screen attached: (required for a valid PROTEST)

10. Replay attached: (optional) :
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Re: Season 9 , Race Day 2 , Group RED , Race 3 , E

Post by Legsy »


Jimi tacks from port to starboard, completes tack well before Freja has to avoid Jimi, so Jimi do not break RRS 15.
Freja tacks very close to Jimi, on neither Jimi's or host replay, it is possible to notice that Jimi should have changed course, maybe Nadeo still counts the tack as Jimi changing course. As Freja tacks to avoid Jimi, Jimi gets a RRS 16.1, and looking at the 2 replays there is a differens. On Jimi's replays there is mast contact (that's why there is a pen given), but on host replay there is no contact. The consensus in the past, has then been not to penalize a boat, when a replay shows there was no rules broken. Since no contact, Freja do not break any rules, by tacking close, Jimi do not have to change course to avoid Freja tacking.

regarding the protest, it is not needed, as rules of MLS clearly states, that a cancellation is also is also to be regarded as a protest.
Since I don't think Freja is breaking any rules, the protest is not upheld, and that adds 1 point to Jimi, as per rules of MLS.

Jimi pen cancel accpted.
Jimi protest not upheld, Jimi +1 point to score.
Freja no action.

PC for MLS

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