MLS S9 Day2, Blue, Race3, Expl, Goffe

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MLS S9 Day2, Blue, Race3, Expl, Goffe

Post by Goffe »

Submission Type: Cance Explanation

1. Your registered Boat Name: Goffe/Wind Riders

2. Race Day: 2

3. Group: Blue

4. Race : 3

5. Time (in Replay): 14:38.28

6. Rule(s) applicable: 17.1

7. Skipper(s) involved: Kong/Expendables

8. Description: After rounding top mark I bared down, heading for next mark. Kong makes some strange moves and ends up windward of me. He then makes a little luff move and I get a pen 17.1. I sailed straight (no move) and proper course to next mark.

9. Print Screen attached: (required for a valid PROTEST) N/A

10. Replay attached: (optional) Yes

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Re: MLS S9 Day2, Blue, Race3, Expl, Goffe

Post by Legsy »


Goffe creates overlap from clear behind, and is therefore under RRS 17. Goffe has no boats to leeward of him, only boats clear ahead of him, at about 1-2 boat lengths. At the time the pen is given, Goffe sails higher than the course for next mark, later Goffe bears off to sail a course for the next mark.
There is no reason for Goffe to sail higher than prober course, no boats to leeward, therefore I think Goffe breaks RRS 17.

Goffe pen cancel not accepted, Goffe DSQ for breaking RRS 17.

PC for MLS

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