MLS Season 9, Day 2 , Race 2, server red

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MLS Season 9, Day 2 , Race 2, server red


Submission Type:

1. Your registered Boat Name: Elmoro VSKFUNster

2. Race Day: 2

3. Group: red

4. Race : 2

5. Time (in Replay): 7:38

6. Rule(s) applicable: 17.1, 13, 15

7. Skipper(s) involved: Piotr1970 Pol-VSC and Nick Cromit ITAWolves

8. Description: Elmoro on port tack, Piotr windward, Duffy and Nick Cromit leeward of me on first upwind. Nick Cromit tacks to starboard tack but is under 13 and 15 after that. Duffy ducks him and i tried to avoid collision not to lose speed and luffed. There for i got a 17.1 that i asked for cancellation, because i think i was exonorated of the the pending 13 and 15 , which Nick Cromit also got. I wrote on behalf of Elmoro. Cheers Dierk ( FIDUCIT III )

9. Print Screen attached: (required for a valid PROTEST)

10. Replay attached:y
Wind on the Water(03'01''13).Replay.Gbx
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Re: MLS Season 9, Day 2 , Race 2, server red

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When Nick tacked, he became ROW and to begine with under RRS 15. Duffy is able to go behind Nick, but Elmoro not that option.
Elmoro would have had to call RTT on Piotr, but there is not enough time to do, in order Piotr to react. Therefore Nick under RRS 15 should have let Elmoro pass ahead. Elmoro tries his best to avoid Nick, but can't do enough to avoid contact. As Elmoro luffs to avoid Nick, Elmoro gets a pen 17, and because of contact Nick gets a pen 15. Nick takes a pen turn, less than 20 seconds after contact.

Elmoro pen cancel accepted, no further action.
Nick no action, as he takes a pen turn.

PC for MLS

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